Laserskaneerimine (6)

Laser scanning

Laser scanning allows a large amount of detailed and accurate 3D information from objects and the surrounding environment to be collected in a short time.
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Point Cloud processing

Laser scanning results in a large number of Point clouds. We combine them into a single Point Cloud model and transmit them in an agreed…
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Creating 2D drawings out of a Point Cloud

Views, sections, floor plans and other detailed drawings in 2D format can be easily created from the Point Cloud.
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Creating 3D models out of a Point Cloud

Most often, the so-called baseline models are drawn from Point Clouds resulting from laser scanning, which are the basis for architects and designers in their…
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BIM modelling

If information is added to the 3D model, we can talk about BIM (Building Information Model).
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Photogrammetric surveys

Photogrammetry is a survey method based on the use of overlapping photos (stereo photo), which is almost as old as photography itself.
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Drone surveying

Aerometric survey from the drone enables the rapid and low cost survey of large areas of land. The work results in a Point Cloud, an…
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