Photogrammetric surveys

Photogrammetry is a survey method based on the use of overlapping photos (stereo photo), which is almost as old as photography itself. For mapping purposes, it was first used by François Arago in 1851. For the purpose of documenting buildings, this method was first used by Albrecht Meydenbauer in 1858. Aero photogrammetry was introduced as soon as the first flying machines were put into service.

When, after a wider introduction of laser scanners 20 years ago, the use of photogrammetry seemed to be vanishing, the popularity of this method is growing again due to the rapid development of the capacity of computers.

In many cases, it gives better results than laser scanning. This is the preferred method, for example, for documenting small-scale cultural objects, where besides the geometry of the details, high quality colour information is also important.