Drone surveying

Traditional aerometric surveying is very costly and it can be justified only in the case of large objects. But with drones, it is possible to quickly and efficiently carry out surveys of objects of different sizes. Aerometric survey from the drone enables the rapid and low cost survey of large areas of land. The work results in a Point Cloud, an orthophoto and a digital ground model.

Drone surveying is used for topographical surveys, volume determination (quarries, construction sites, material storage sites, etc.), monitoring progress of construction work, documenting architectural and cultural objects. With thermal cameras, it is possible to measure the heat losses of objects from drones. Using multi-spectral cameras, drones can be used for the benefit of various nature conservation, forestry and agricultural projects.

In most cases, a photogrammetric method is used for drone surveys, as laser-scanning systems used on drones are still very expensive.