Laser scanning of TerasBeach Sports Hall

Laser scanning of TerasBeach Sports Hall – January 2020

Teras Beach is a sandy beach sports and leisure center in Tallinn where you can play beach volleyball and beach tennis, relax in the saunas and bars and organize events inside the 26-degree sand.

In January 2020, we performed a survey of the Teras Beach building using a laser scanner. As a result of the laser scanning, the 3D point cloud model of the building was completed. The poin cloud model was also handed over to the customer as a ReCap model. The ReCap model allows you to navigate, take measurements, make cuts, etc. in the point cloud model.

The customer: Nordic Beach OÜ

Teras Beach punktipilv 1
Teras Beach punktipilv 2
Teras Beach punktipilv 3

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